It is the plague of our forefathers, ancestors and legends of history to have not known enough for their own time. We may look at John Lennon, Gandhi, and Jesus Christ adorningly from our seat here in the Present, but we often follow up with “only if”.

Only if John hadn't walked out of the Dakota that day.

Only if the British Empire didn't challenge Gandhi.

Only if Jesus Christ was welcomed by the Romans.

It is easy for us to think of our perfect history. Those moments that, armed with present knowledge, we could deter horrible catastrophes and acts of evil. Often we forget, however, that we also have this plague. And so will everyone who lives beyond us.

It is a myth to think that one has the whole picture. It is also a myth to think your present perception of events in the past is more complete.

Deconstructing one's limitations is the ultimate task of a growing individual. And knowing that one knows nothing is the first step. Knowing that one knows everything is the second. Do you know John Lennon will be shot when he steps out of the Dakota? Sure. Did John? Probably not. Is your perspective better than his? Hardly.

Our direct experience of the universe translates directly into the universe. It is that experience of experiencing wherein we are most connected to all things. Broader perspective does not necessarily mean hindsight, it means being the one that experiences it.

The next time you think about how much more you would like to know about the universe, know that you already know it. Packaged for your convenience. All that is left to do is experience it one temporal moment at a time. --Laveaux 22:13, 29 May 2007 (UTC)

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