A concept taken from the Kabbalah, the Shekinah is the "Divine Presence" of God, and is also seen as the feminine aspect of Deity in the Hebrew religion. In Kabbalistic lore, the Shekinah represented the physical manifestation of God: the Shekinah was said to rest on or in Holy Sites, such as the Holy of Holies within the Temple. The Shekinah was also said to grant the power of Prophesy to individuals.

Aryeh Kaplan described a Kabbalistic prayer, thus:

I dedicate this ... to the Union of the Holy One, Blessed Be He, and His Divine Presence, in Love and Awe, in the name of all Israel.[1]

This signifies that the Divine Presence (Shekinah) is one of a trinity of concepts along with the Transcendent God (Holy One) and Immanent God (Blessed Be He): it is the ultimate object of the Kabbalist, through meditation, to unite these three concepts in One.

"Shekinah" is also the name of an officer in some rituals of the Golden Dawn, most notably that of Adeptus Major.


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