The sefirot (plural) is a concept in Kabbalah that make up the worlds in which all creation exists in. The sefirot are made up of a base-10 pattern, where each sefirah (singular) has within itself ten sefirot. This pattern continues into infinity,[1] similar to that of cells within a body. All cells are similar in makeup to one another. Yet, they combine to form different organs. Likewise, the sefirot are like cells that make up Partzufim (plural). Likewise, each Partzuf (Singular) has ten sefirot.[2]

The sefirot are divided into worlds, which are individual spheres of influence. No sefirah acts independently. G-d manifests Himself (Partzufim) through specific sefirot within specific realms of creation known as Olamot (worlds or realms).[1]


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