Numbers can esoterically indicate mankind's evolution.

  1. one, to know - "It doesn't matter why, it is what it is"
  2. two, the reasons why - "Because I want to know why. tell me."
  3. three, to dare, to test - "why not?"
  4. four, to justify - "why? Because I'm entitled to"
  5. five, to self-identify - "why should I do that? This is who I am and this what I want."
  6. six, to manipulate - "why do it that way, when we could do it this way?"
  7. seven, to reform - "what are you doing?"
  8. eight, to understand why - "now I know why"
  9. nine, to contemplate/reflect - "why did I do that?"
  10. ten, to start over - "why... let us do it this way" or ("let us make man in our image")


Air formulating (magic); conjuring deep within; the combination of all elements in primordial soup air, fire, earth, water + two more unknown elements[1] within the egg of the spirit (seven principles).

  • Conjure
  • Seed
  • New journey / beginnings
  • Desire to learn
  • Observations
  • New thoughts
  • New studies
  • Identifying
  • Embarking


Fire+Air inspired; the "ah-Ha" moment| Earth+Water - Justification to start anew, balance of power |Air+Fire, a final judgment

Duality, mirrored, partially hidden; partial understanding + enlightenment: TORA+"T" / "T"+AROT (to tear the veil / to illuminate the secrets); Pillar B / ∑| - Boaz / zAOB [A O B] (air + fire + unknown), and pillar J / L - Joachim / mihcaoJ [M K L] (Earth + water + unknown); Two points of the crescent moon
  • Duality, mirrored (male / female principle)
  • Enlightenment, self awareness / ignorance
  • harmony , balance / precarious
  • Inspiration, passion / blocked, dead space
  • Commitment, merging / avoidance
  • to tear / to unify
  • Choices
  • goals, planning


Earth shaping | hanging in the balance | a new world

  • Creation, birth, materializing
  • Erecting, building, tooling
  • Primal instincts, hunter-gatherer
  • Perception
  • Depth
  • Growing pains, survival, surviving, trials
  • Volume
  • Controlled
  • Action, sometimes clashing


Water filling | Birth of civilization; Hidden number (13), death of old ways- cleansing or transmutation (the flood); the Four horseman (Completion of justice); Four', a bad or unlucky sign in Asiatic cultures. Other connections: Ezekiel's Four living beings; Four seasons; four cardinal directions (North, East, South, West); four moon phases; Mars, the fourth planet.

  • Foundation, structure, structured
  • Stability, steady
  • Fortification, defense, defenses (* Defensive / Offensive)
  • Recognition
  • Security, safe
  • Order / organization / laws / prohibitions
  • Hording / Sharing (compare monarchy, totalitarianism, libertarianism, socialism)
  • Stagnation
  • Confinement, imprisonment


Air escaping, The truth that sets you free

Air Fire Earth Spirit Water
Idealist, desire for liberation, independence Reactive, escape, freedom, breaking out Traditional, Institutionalization (establishment), paranoid, vulnerable, exposed, in fear, tested Temperance, hidden number (14) Dilution of reactive materials in effort for stabilization (so everyone gets what they want), temporary inertness. Lifting bans, Lifting old prohibitions; new freedoms voted into law (allowances decline society).
  • (* Offensive / Defensive)
  • Dependence / Independence
  • Obligated / Freedom
  • Reactive / Inert (5) ; Inert / Reactive (14)
  • Cooperative / Rebellious
  • Stable / Unstable
  • Fear of letting go / Found a way out
  • Double life / Acceptance
  • Painful lessons
  • Elevated / Humbled
  • Dedicated / Expelled, excommunicate
  • Concealed / Exposed
  • Organized (structured) / chaotic (Dis-symmetry)
  • False (stuck) / True (free)
  • Foretell path six / Half-way there


Fire restless (done it all before) | newfound freedoms enable corporate take-over, coups; inquisitions; dark age

  • temptation
  • desire
  • covet
  • Jealous
  • Primal
  • obsession
  • re-balance
  • baggage
  • fleeting


Earth remolding | The bringing together of contradictory forces; stabilization/destabilization; order/chaos; enforcing/rioting; old verses new, traditions verses ideologies; rioting, massive revolution; witch hunts; civil unrest; reformation; dark age

  • out-of-control
  • contradiction
  • opposing forces
  • treachery
  • disagreeable
  • put-in-a-position
  • indecisive
  • excessive
  • challenge


Water naturally re-setting into place | military action/marshal law; guided by the stars (intervention); dark age

  • Confidence, mental strength
  • grouping / unification
  • infrastructure
  • mental blocks
  • precarious
  • understanding
  • resources / resourceful
  • Integrity, structural integrity
  • contentment


Air drying-out | the night air enlightened by the moon (intervention); dark age

  • solitude
  • completion
  • cleanup
  • regret
  • shame
  • fulfillment
  • indulgence
  • reflection
  • waiting


Fire for something new, spin the wheel | enlightened by the Sun (intervention) - Renaissance

  • transition
  • evolution / change/ morphing
  • resolutions
  • replacement / upgrading
  • closure
  • big ideas / new ideas
  • painful end
  • burden of success
  • reunion

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  1. * The Chinese culture is aware of the existence of two more elements which they classify as "metal" and "wood". However, these components seem dependent on a terra, or earth, and may not be primordial. It could be argued that the remaining two elements are: matter, and anti-matter. In turn, "earth" seems dependent on matter, and then it would call into question all of the elements in our human linear understanding of the universe. The one thing that is for certain, is that none of our human labeling systems are absolute.

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