Mystic Wikia will be a resource for mystics to find information on ritual, philosophy, meditation, divination, and many other mystical practices. It will be a one-stop resource detailing physical, spiritual and emotional properties of rituals, herbs, stones, tools, and symbols while at the same time present various tactics and techniques for a multitude of needs. Although the site's founder is rooted in Western Mysticism, all forms will be discussed and developed.

Mysticism is often a misunderstood field. Too often associated with Wicca or New Age many modern people dismiss it. It is a practice going back thousands of years and has directly given the launching pad for modern medicine, physics, chemistry and biology. The cast of Western Mystics include the likes of Leonardo da Vinci, Francis Bacon, and Benjamin Franklin. The Knights Templar, Freemasons, Rosicrucians and Golden Dawn are some of the most influential organizations in the history of the world. It was mystical philosophy that lead our founding fathers to democracy and capitalism. This wiki will does what the purpose of mysticism celebrates: discover all facets of reality. If that means exploring philosophy, religion, and science - then that's what it means.

A wiki is the perfect format to release mystical information. Conditions, rituals, and subjects can be easily cross-categorized and organized. The wealth of valuable information is no longer limited to books and teachers - now we can share it with one another and further understand what it means to live on this planet and to be humans.

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