The Golden Dawn Zelator grade is the symbolic step into the Golden Dawn teachings and the initial sephirah of the Tree of Life, the Malkuth. The grade is symbolized by the numbers Zelator. The word Zelator is Latin for "zealot" derived from the Greek word for "zeal".

This grade is associated with the earth element and so it serves to create a sound foundation for learning and preparation for further spiritual transformations. This grade tends to weed out those that are not truly interested in spiritual alchemy because the teachings can be very transformational.

Zelator Ritual Edit

The Zelator Ritual is a reproduction of a ceremony described in Exodus concerning the Hebrew Tabernacle in the Wilderness. Before it begins the Neophyte is tested on the grade and must take a ceremonial oath. The Neophyte is then symbolically brought to both good and evil then guided down a middle path in between them (the Middle Path of Equilibrium). At the point the Neophyte is allowed into the sanctuary walking the path laid out by Hebrew mysteries.

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