The Golden Dawn Practicus grade is a level of initiation in the Golden Dawn system. The grade symbolizes the third initiation in the the sephirah of Hod on the Tree of Life. It is represented by the numeric symbol Practicus and by the element of water. The word Practicus is Greek for "practitioner".

Practicus Ritual Edit

Before starting the water element is invoked and the aspirant must complete a test for the Theoricus grade and give an oath. The aspirant then symbolically walks the 31st Path of Shin to journey through fire from one sephirah to another. During the journey the aspirant is confronted by the Kabiri, gods of the Samothracian Mysteries. The aspirant explores various incarnations of fire and purges impurities before being shown the tarot card Judgment.

The aspirant then contunes on the 30th Path of Resh to go from Yesod to Hod guided by the Kabiri. During this path the aspirant learns about the higher powers of personality and is consecrated. The aspirant is then shown the Sun.

The final part of the ceremony involves the aspirant entering the water temple of the Hod sephirah and is taught the systems of the Practicus Hall.

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