The Golden Dawn Neophyte Grade is the preliminary step into the Golden Dawn's initiate hierarchy. The grade is represented by the numerical symbol File:Neohpyte.jpg representing that it is outside the symbolic sephiroth of the Tree of Life. The ceremony behind initiating someone into the Neophyte Grade introduces the initiate to all of the fundamental magical principles of the order. The word Neophyte is Greek for "newly planted".

Neophyte Ceremony Edit

Before the ceremony, the initiate must come up with a motto that in a single phrase describes the person's spiritual goal. The motto is rewritten in a language other than the initiate's native tongue (usually Latin or Greek).

The ceremony represents the Neophytes first step into the Order by walking though the Neophyte Hall in escort by temple officers. Once into the initiation, the Neophyte is guided through a mystery play: the Weighing of Souls ceremony detailed in Chapter 125 of the Egyptian Book of the Dead. The play represents the judgment of a soul passing into the underworld by Thoth before being guided into unity with Osiris by Horus. This is done under blindfold and after the oath is taken. Once complete, the Neophyte makes offerings to each element.