Divination refers to a number of different practices which all aim at trying to give some indication of the future outcome of a situation, and reveal the hidden forces at work. Occultists make a distinction between Divination and Fortune Telling: they claim that Divination only suggests the future, and does not deny the possibility of Free Will; whereas Fortune Telling is superstition and fatalistic. Or to use a traditional saying:

The stars impel; they do not compel.

Divination dates back at least to the days of Neo-Platonism, where it was seen as a method of interpreting the will of the Divine (hence its name). As in pre-Enlightenment times God was considered to be immanent in Nature, a widespread belief arose that it was appropriate to apply Divination to the minutiae of everyday life - given that "the Divine" was concerned with everyday life to some extent. In this way the modern meaning of Divination arose.

The following are all methods of Divination which are practised to a greater or lesser extent today:

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